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On this platform you will find all course material that you need in order to complete the course. In every module you will first read a short introduction text where we also introduce you to your assignment for the current section. After follows links to the downloadable written material and the online video lectures. The written material will vary from the different modules but always include a course manual and an assignment, but sometimes also examples for you to study and keep.

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Taking the course

The Spa Management Program consists of seven course modules. Every module is two weeks long and we recommend that you use the first week to watch the video lectures, go through the material and get back to us with questions. On the second week you are intended to work with your assignments, which will vary from the different modules. For the first three modules; Marketing, Leadership and Finance there are plans and statements for you to create and send to us. You will send in the first draft on the completion date, however these will also later be inserted into your final assignment: your spa business plan. It is very likely that you will want to update these plans and statements in the end, which is perfectly fine since you will receive feedback on every draft.

You will be be responsible to view the videos, study the material and send in the material by the completion dates, and we ask you to keep the deadlines. If you do not have the possibility to send the assignments on the due date you need to let us know and ask for extra time, as we want to make sure that you do not get behind.

The Spa Management Online Program is divided into 7 online modules

• Introduction – Spa market & Trends
• Sales, Marketing & PR
• Leadership including Strategic planning
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Service quality management and excellence
• Business plan

Course Length:
4 months

Open dates- join whenever you can

USD 1950

Program Manager

Nikos Kouremenos

Nikos Kouremenos, Program Manager - Spa Business EducationMeet our Instructors

Course Testimonials

“I now feel I have the frame and the essentials to succeed. I am glad to have invested in this course,  although I have an MBA on International Business. The content was detailed and extremely straight to the point. No time lost, perfect for me.”
– Angela Vieira, Florida

Sales, Marketing & PR

If you have the best spa in the world, and nobody knows about it...
Marketing and PR is crucial for success.

• Marketing fundamentals
• Marketing analysis
• Public relation and promotion
• Social media
• Retail management, merchandising and sales
• Marketing plan


• Leadership fundamentals
• Group dynamic
• Conflict handling and problem solving
• Strategic planning
• Communication
• HCM plan


• Spa Finance fundamentals
• KPIs used in spas and financial reporting
• Sche duling
• Spa Revenue management fundamentals
• Profit & loss statement and monthly report schedule

Intro Finance 2014 from Raison d'Etre on Vimeo.

Human Resources

• HR fundamentals
• Induction
• Contract and job description
• HR manual

Service Quality Management & Excellence

Service quality is crucial for success and we structure this module
around some important and diverse areas.

• Operations fundamentals
• Customer service
• Sanitation, health and safety
• Routines and standards
• Concept and menu
• Nutrition & spa cuisine
• Sustainability

Business Plan

The business plan is the foundation that will give you a clear understanding of
where you are, where you want to go and how to do it.

• Business plan fundamentals
• Business plan


We are always here to serve and support you and we will be available during the whole course period. Please let us know when you need help or if you get behind schedule and we will get back to you within 48 hours on Monday-Friday at.