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SBE is the education provider for LivNordic and Six Senses.


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Spa Managers/Directors who would like to learn more or are new to management
Spa Therapists/Receptionists/Attendants seeking development
Fitness instructors/Personal trainers wanting to manage fitness or spa facilities
People in the health and wellness industry wanting to approach the spa industry
People new to the industry to explore and gain insight



  • Rich course material, comprising of 23 videos, 8 templates, 6 manuals and 6 assignment examples
  • 7 modules with 140 hours of course material , work and support
  • A reality based, practical program giving the tools to be easily and immediately implemented at your work
  • Join anytime, anywhere and follow at your own pace. Most of our students are full-time professionals in the spa & wellness industry.
  • Created by the RdE team of experienced spa directors and project managers who have participated in consulting, setting up and running over 120 spas in more than 60 countries, as well as and been involved in the training and development of managers, therapists and staff in most of them.
  • Networking opportunities; exchange of information. Be on top of the industry wave. For alumnus, as well as for ongoing course participants-providing opportunities of growth with inspirational and important topics.
  • Advantages of being on the ‘RDE global radar’. Get exposed to multiple employers and top 
 companies in the industry that we work with.
  • Our graduates evaluated us with 9,4 out of 10.

Raison d'Etre Spa Management
- Good is the enemy of great rgb


You can choose between the complete Spa Management online program with its 7 modules that lasts 4 months , or, one or more of the 5 individual courses on Spa Finance, Marketing, PR & Social Media, Leadership, Group Dynamics & Conflict Management and Strategic Human Capital Management which last 2-3 weeks each.

Spa management training courses
The Spa Management Program


USD 1950

The course program contains 7 modules with an assignment, or, questionnaire to be completed at the end of each one. Each participant receives feedback for further improvement, leading to the final assignment, which is the Business Plan/Module 7.

The 7 modules are:
1. Introduction
2. Marketing , PR & Social media
3. Leadership
4. Human Capital Management
5. HR
6. Finance
7. Business Plan

Each module last 2 weeks except the last one, the Business Plan which last 4 weeks.

These 7 modules include 140 hours of course material, work and support. The rich course material comprises of 23 videos, 8 templates, 6 manuals and 6 assignment examples. The program requires on average 4 months to complete and by the end of the 5th month and upon successful completion of the program, the widely recognized Raison d’Etre Spa Management online Diploma is being awarded.

It is a reality based, practical program giving the tools to be easily and immediately implemented at your work. You can join anytime, anywhere and follow at your own pace. Most of our students are full-time professionals in the spa & wellness industry. It has been created by the RdE team of experienced spa directors and project managers who have participated in consulting, setting up and running over 120 spas in more than 60 countries, as well as and been involved in the training and development of managers, therapists and staff in most of them.

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Individual Courses

As a response to market needs and student feedback we now also offer the possibility to choose from a unique selection of independent courses. A unique chance to study the specific subject you would like to improve your knowledge on, with focus and flexibility, whenever and wherever you wish.

Spa finance courses
Spa Finance I


USD 310

Finance is something that many spa managers feel uncomfortable about, this course will make you comfortable in an easy and understandable way.

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Spa leadership program


USD 340

Leadership fundamentals, group dynamics and conflict management and strategic human capital management, all included in one course.

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Spa social media marketing courses
Marketing, PR & Social Media


USD 310

Learn everything there is about spa marketing. Marketing analysis, PR & promotion, social media, and retail management.

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Spa group dynamics and conflict management courses
Group Dynamics & Conflict Management


USD 150

The 6 stages of a group, the 4 stages of conflicts and how to handle them.

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Spa strategic human capital management courses
Strategic Human Capital Management


USD 210

Learn the 8 Critical Success Factors in HCM. Look at Strategic Human Capital Planning, find out about acquiring, developing and retaining talent.

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Our students are around the world
Our students are around the world



Mutinta Milunga - Spa Manager, Kenya

Mutinta Milunga

Spa Manager, Kenya

“The spa management program was an eye opener, a life changer. Please allow me to say my thanks for the knowledge I acquired on the spa. It has made me not only a better therapist but a better colleague.”

Julie Lombe- National Trainer for Sothys Cosmetics, Belgium/Luxembourg

Julie Lombe

National Trainer for Sothys Cosmetics, Belgium/Luxembourg

“Studying even in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve just started the Spa Management online program with Raison d’Etre. An in-depth Online Spa Management Program for the future leaders of the spa industry. Achieving the best tools, ideas and strategies for business and leadership development.

It’s a flexible course which allows studying wherever you are, whenever you can, in whatever pace that suits your schedule. Whether you are brand new to this industry or already working as a Spa Manager and want acquire new skills and advance – this course will definitely benefit you. The ongoing 16-weeks program teaches all the key steps to become successful within spa management. The end result is a business plan revised by industry experts. As a student, you will receive guidance, feed-back and support during the way.”

Pauline Mbondo, Nairobi

Pauline Mbondo

“A must for all spa managers”

Marija Navaityte - Spa Owner, Sweden

Marija Navaityte

Spa Owner, Sweden

“I own and operate a skin care salon in Lidingö, Stockholm. I attended my spa manager training in 2013. The training really surpassed my expectations! It was both very rewarding and inspiring to listen and share the collective knowledge that the lecturers shared. The lectures had a professional approach with clear messages of which subjects were most relevant and the message was very thought through.

I felt privileged to be able to listen to the leading personalities in the Spa industry. On-line arrangement suited me perfectly. I could listen to lectures when it suited me, I could do it repeatedly and really take in much more information than if I would have been sitting in a class room.

The training gave me new tools to lead my staff, improve customer service, and I gained a broader insight into the Spa and Wellness world.”

Yvonne Githu - Spa Supervisor, Kenya

Yvonne Githu

Spa Supervisor, Kenya

“I am forever grateful to you and your team for the wealth of knowledge I have gained through this journey. Taking this course is one decision I will never regret. Wishing you all the success in the year ahead”



Instructors for online spa courses

All instructors of Spa Business Education are experienced team members of the reputed spa consultant agency Raison d’Etre.

Meet our instructors

The success of a Raison d’Etre spa is no miracle: it depends on excellence down to the last detail, and sustained effort over a long period.


WHO, WHY and HOW? All your questions answered  

Spa Management Training Courses - Spa Business Education
Raison d’Etre has been in the spa and wellness business for more than 12 years. We have worked with more than 100 spas in 60 different countries, created eight of the world’s most known spa brands and educated over a 150 spa managers the past 8 years. We operate our own Spa in Stockholm and can commit to the market with high operational experience and reality base all our teaching. We want to spread our spa management knowledge and contribute with skills that will make the spa management market stronger and fill the gap of non-educated spa managers. The Spa Management course is truly market-oriented, updated yearly after global spa management research and is created by leaders who really know the industry and what it needs in its new leaders.
Operational experience and course leaders. For us, the high operational experience is the key just as the passion for the spa and wellness industry. The course is directly led from industry professionals with high operational experience and also high spa business and worldwide market perspective. All have a combination of business graduation together with a background as therapists or spa managers. We have chosen to have several different course leaders who teach in their own field of expertise which creates variation but also stronger support for all participants. Online, flexible and support. The course is very flexible since all teaching is online and do not require any travels. You can study where you want, when you want and decide how much time you want to commit to the each module of the course. You will never lose any information since you can study and watch the lectures as many times as you wish, in your own pace. It is possible to take this course while you are working and it is also possible for you to travel during the course. The spa management course team is also very flexible when it comes to support, feedback and tailor-making after your specific needs. We can assure you that we will take care of you and keep close personal contact during the whole course period and who knows, maybe even after the course.
You can study wherever you are in the world at whatever place you wish. You choose yourself when to study and how you would like to time focus within the different areas. You have the advantage that you can watch the lectures several times, not only once as in real life. The support is always available for you and you will receive personal guidance with no time limit.
After you complete the course successfully you will receive your international diploma, which is world known and recognized and you can be then part of our graduates worldwide networking group, with jobs all around the world.
Our Spa Management Online Program is known and recognized worldwide as one of the very top spa management courses. We have chosen not to enter any accreditation at the moment, as Anna Bjurstam (our owner) is on the committee for ‘Global Spa Education Initiative’ from Global Spa and Wellness Summit that is setting a world wide accreditation for spa management education, which is planned to be ready by 2016. You can read more about this here:
The Spa Management Program fee is USD 1950 and the individual course fees are between USD 150 and USD 340, depending on course.
We use PayPal for secure internet payments but we can also invoice your company if you prefer. We can divide the payment in four monthly installments. Please send us an email on and we will help you.
We can divide the payment into four installments during four months, please send us an email on and we will help you.
Everything you need is included. Online videos for the 7 modules, written manuals to each module and templates with assignments and examples attached to every module. Postal service of the certificate is also included.
This is very individual depending on your earlier experience and study pace. An average would be 8-15 hours per week, also depending on the module.
Yes, you can. People working full time do manage to take the course, but this is of course very individual.
No, you only need a broadband connection and access to Microsoft Word or similar and Adobe Reader (PDF.) You can download Adobe Reader free here:
We are available every day and will always answer you within 48 hours on email:


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